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Direct ACTIVE Payday Lenders

One of the biggest differences between ActivePL and many of the other sites you are likely to come across online is that only Direct Payday Lenders get your application.

“What exactly is a Direct Payday Lender?” Well, to answer that question it is important to to know the basics of the payday loan process. When searching for payday loans, cash advances, and any other type of internet short term loan funding you will to find two distinctly different types of lenders, direct and non-direct payday lenders.

Non-Direct payday loan lenders are simply taking your information and passing it down a “tree” of information which lenders can “bid” on. These lenders are simply a middle-man for your information, and the majority of complaints about any online loans are derived from these “lead-generation” sites. When you borrow from a non-direct lender such as these, it can often times be difficult to contact customer service, if needed, since the contact information you have is NOT for the lender. Therefore they are not responsible for your loan! Often times, they will not have contact info for all of their lenders either!

We work only with direct lenders! We highly value your privacy and security. We would love to you hear your input, and as your Trusted Online Payday Loan source we are confident that you will be satisfied with our courteous service. And remember, bad credit is not a problem! We can still get you the cash loan you need in a hurry, safe and secure and from the comfort of your home computer! All you need in most cases is a job and a bank account.